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    Thinking about concrete polishing for your industrial floor near Dearborn, MI? Let’s get you started. If you’re seeking a cost-efficient method to enhance the concrete floors in your retail space, patient lobby, or industrial facility, look no further than the option of polishing them to a high-gloss shine. Concrete polishing not only adds aesthetic appeal to your area but also significantly boosts the strength and durability of your floors. 

    Let’s clear up the confusion about concrete polishing. When we talk about polishing concrete, we’re not talking about applying a surface polish or coating. It’s more like polishing granite or marble, where the surface is finely ground down using special equipment (kind of like sandpaper, but with diamond grit involved). The shiny finish comes from the concrete’s properties, not from any liquid coating. This process does two things. First, it makes the concrete smooth, ranging from a dull shine to a high gloss, depending on how much it’s polished. Second, it compresses the concrete molecules tightly, making the polished concrete extremely dense and hard. Connect us and get quote.

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    Concrete Polishing for your Industrial Space Near Dearborn, MI

    Concrete polishing is commonly employed in various commercial and industrial facilities such as:

    • Chemical Containment
    • Food & Beverage Processing
    • Hangars / Aerospace
    • New Construction
    • Manufacturing
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Healthcare & Medical
    • General Manufacturing
    • Retail
    • Warehouse & Storage
    • Parking Garages
    • Wastewater Treatment
    • Government Buildings
    • Stadiums & Arenas
    • Correctional Facilities
    • Technology Centers
    • Recreational Areas
    • Chemical

    Difference between True Concrete Polishing and Shortcut Applications

    Although there are various methods for polishing concrete, such as “wet” and “dry” approaches, it is crucial to understand that a proper polishing job consists of approximately 10 distinct stages.

    Unfortunately, in this industry, many people offer “concrete polishing” services, but they only do a few of the necessary steps. Instead of doing the job properly, they might take a shortcut and just put a clear sealer on the floor to make it look shiny. But the shine doesn’t last very long and won’t stay durable.

    To enjoy all the advantages of concrete polishing, like longer-lasting and durable results, ensure your contractor isn’t cutting corners. At GetPro, our team is here to meet all your expectations.

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    Benefits of Polished Concrete

    The physical changes that occur during the concrete polishing process offer notable benefits compared to untreated concrete floors: (2)

    Aesthetic Value

    Want to make a big impression? Concrete can be polished so well that it reflects almost like a glass. And it doesn't have to be just gray. You can add dyes during the polishing process to match your decor or make a strong statement. Polished concrete leaves a positive impression on customers in hospital lobbies, automotive dealerships, grocery stores, and other commercial spaces. (2)


    Concrete polishing is a budget-friendly flooring solution that comes with low maintenance costs. Since you utilize your existing concrete slab, there's no need for new materials. Keeping it clean is simple, too: the smooth surface makes sweeping and mopping easy, and unlike regular concrete, it doesn't produce dust. With time, the shine may fade depending on the traffic. (2)


    In certain warehouse settings and even some home improvement stores, you might have observed a fine layer of dust settling on everything. This happens because untreated concrete tends to shed dust as it ages. However, when concrete is polished, it undergoes physical changes that stop the release of dust. This advantage goes beyond aesthetics; it prevents product contamination. (2)


    Even though polished concrete looks smooth, it often offers better traction than unpolished floors. Surprisingly, if water is spilled on the surface, it can provide a better grip for shoes (but it's still a good safety practice to clean up spills immediately). (2)


    Polishing increases the density of the concrete's molecules, nearly doubling the hardness of your floor's surface. Polished concrete can reach a hardness level of 7 on the Mohs scale, making it highly resistant to scratches or damage. (2)

    Concrete Staining

    To make your facility's concrete floor even more beautiful, opt for a stain or dye application before polishing. There's a wide range of colors available, including neutral earth tones and deep jewel tones. Using multiple colors.

    Benefits of GetPro Floors Concrete Polishing

    • No waxing or buffing is required, saving time and money

    • Easy to clean and maintain with just a damp mop

    • Resistant to chips and cracks, ensuring durability

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    Industrial Concrete Polishing Experts in Dearborn, Michigan

    Founded in 1786 and incorporated as a city in 1929, Dearborn, Michigan, holds the position as the eighth-largest city in the state and the second-largest in Wayne County. Home to more than 109,000 residents who proudly call Dearborn home, the city is renowned for delivering exceptional municipal services. In the industrial realm of Dearborn, skilled concrete polishing experts play a crucial role in enhancing the visual charm of its spaces.

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    City of Dearborn

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    Our service area in Dearborn, Michigan, encompasses Detroit, as well as nearby Garden City, Redford, Dearborn Heights, Toledo(OH), Cleveland( OH), Akron(OH), Fort Wayne, and nearby cities.


    Polishing typically starts with using a 30-grit to 50-grit diamond, and it culminates with an 800-grit or 1500-grit diamond. To safeguard and facilitate the maintenance of your stunning floor, a protective guard like LSGuard, PolishGuard, or Concrete Protector SB is applied as the final step.

    The best tool for polishing concrete is a diamond grinder, preferably one equivalent to the HTC 800 model. This type of grinder excels at both cutting and polishing floors. For achieving optimal results when polishing concrete on various surfaces, it's essential to use a grinder with a higher RPM. Additionally, ensuring the availability of the correct cutters is equally crucial for the polishing process.

    Dry polishing consistently results in a significantly higher shine level than wet polishing. It enhances light reflection and imparts a more sophisticated appearance to the floor. Furthermore, dry polishing proves to be more effective for soft concrete floors.

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