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    Seeking a dependable commercial painting company near Detroit, Michigan? If yes, GetPro Painting is the perfect option for you. 

    Our unparalleled expertise makes us the top choice for all your painting needs. Whether you want to transform and safeguard your existing facility or breathe life into a new construction project, we have got you covered. We excel at transforming unsightly commercial properties with our top-notch interior & exterior painting services. Our proper analysis of your current conditions enables us to deliver a product specification that surpasses your facilities’ environmental demands.

    Commercial Concrete Polishing Near Grosse Pointe, MI

    GetPro is a concrete polishing company near Grosse Pointe, Michigan, that’s really good at making concrete floors look amazing. We’ve been doing this since 1999. We’re experts in grinding and polishing concrete, especially for businesses. If you’re in Grosse Pointe, MI, or a nearby area, we’re here to make your commercial space shine with beautiful polished concrete floors.

    Our team at GP is made up of certified experts who are really good at making concrete floors look fantastic. We specialize in polishing, honing, acid staining, restoring, and creating decorative designs on concrete floors. Whether it’s for new or existing floors, we offer these services to businesses in commercial, retail, and industrial settings.

    At GetPro, we have the power to completely change the look and quality of your concrete floors, whether they’re brand new or old. We use machines to make the hard surface of the concrete even better by grinding, polishing, and using special chemicals. This process not only enhances the beauty of the floor but also makes it more functional and stronger.

    We offer various concrete grinding, honing, and surface refining processes that can be customized to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re looking for a specific appearance, smoothness, or shine or have budget considerations, we have a flooring solution that fits your requirements.

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    • Following that, we initiate the polishing process, utilizing fine-grit diamonds to smooth out and close the pores of your concrete.
    • We apply a penetrating stain guard to safeguard the finish.
    • To ensure long-lasting protection, a high-speed burnisher is employed to heat the stain guard, sealing and enhancing the concrete for years to come.

    Commercial Spaces We Serve

    GetPro provides services to all commercial and industrial spaces of Grosse Pointe, MI, with its concrete polishing services. Here are some of the commercial spaces we serve:


    At GetPro, we provide different options for warehouse flooring to match the specific needs of your space. Whether you need industrial concrete floor polishing or a durable and easy-to-clean floor for storing goods, we have solutions for you. If you require more advanced flooring that can handle chemical spills or stains, we’ve got you covered.


    Schools searching for a stylish and long-lasting flooring solution can consider polished concrete from GetPro. We understand the importance of appearance and functionality in schools, which is why we provide various finishes for you to pick from. Additionally, we can customize the concrete by adding chips of other minerals and materials for a unique touch.

    Retail Stores

    GetPro can make your retail space stand out with our polished concrete floor solutions. We collaborate with our clients to create commercial concrete flooring that fits their specific environment and requirements. Our polished concrete floors, epoxy floor coatings, and decorative concrete overlays come in various colors and designs, offering retail flooring options that enhance your space without making maintenance more difficult.


    GetPro offers a range of concrete flooring solutions, including polished concrete floors designed for office spaces in Grosse Pointe, MI. Our epoxy coatings are durable, outlasting materials like carpet or tile. They can withstand the conditions of busy office buildings, enduring frequent foot traffic, the movement of office furniture, and occasional spills without losing their quality.

    Healthcare centers

    GetPro has brought together a team of highly experienced and qualified healthcare flooring specialists. We use top-of-the-line machinery and equipment to provide a comprehensive range of polished concrete services. This includes options like grind and seal, as well as concrete veneer floors, delivering quick and cost-effective results for your flooring needs.


    Whether you’re planning a new restaurant or renovating an existing one, polished concrete flooring is likely to be on your list of flooring options to consider. GetPro provides a polished concrete floor, which is a modern and attractive choice often used in the front-of-house areas of restaurants. 

    Our Satisfied Clients


    Choosing a polished concrete floor for your business building is not only an economical but also an environmentally sustainable option. It’s a choice that supports both your business’s financial well-being and contributes to environmental sustainability.

    A commercial polished concrete floor is made up entirely of natural components like natural stone, sand, water, and cement. The process of polishing concrete involves minimal chemicals compared to other flooring systems in high-traffic environments. This makes polished concrete floors an excellent choice for both people and the environment, as they are more environmentally friendly.

    Minimal Environmental Effect

    If you’ve chosen polished concrete flooring, GetPro will work with the concrete floor that’s already in place. Our commercial concrete polishing process is energy-efficient, whether we’re working on a new construction project or restoring an existing concrete floor. This means we use very little energy during the process. Our efficient floor grinding and polishing equipment, along with high-performance dust collection systems and powerful HEPA air scrubbers, ensure that your daily business operations won’t be significantly disrupted by our work. You can continue with your business as usual while we take care of the floor grinding and polishing process.

    Any Environment

    Polished concrete flooring can be used in various settings. Its natural beauty and distinctive surface contribute to a positive impression in different environments. The durability and flatness of polished floors make them particularly well-suited for places like factories and warehouses, where these qualities are highly valued.

    The easy-to-clean surface and low maintenance requirements make polished concrete floors a perfect choice for a wide range of places, including schools, offices, warehouses, colleges, shopping centers, museums, gyms, and any other areas with high foot traffic.


    To add some color and flair to your polished concrete, a great option is to use concrete polishing dye or stain. Concrete dyes offer a wider range of colors compared to acid stains. Unlike acid stains, they don’t react chemically with the concrete, resulting in more predictable and less mottled effects. It’s an effective way to enhance the visual appeal of your polished concrete floors.

    Our team of concrete polishing experts can collaborate with you to create the best-polished concrete floor, incorporating intricate graphic designs and patterns. Whether you have specific ideas in mind or need guidance, we are here to enhance the aesthetics of your polished concrete floors with unique and detailed designs.

    Dyed commercial polished concrete is an ideal choice for various spaces, including retail stores, art galleries, hair salons, and beauty shops. However, it can also be applied to any polished concrete floor. Allow us to craft a durable floor for your facility that not only stands out but adds a unique touch to your workspace.

    Why Choose Polished Concrete?

    • Cost-Effective Over its Lifespan
    • Applicable to New or Existing Concrete Surfaces
    • Exceptionally Level Floor Finish
    • Minimal Vibrations
    • Low Environmental Impact
    • Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
    • Wide Range of Decorative Design Choices
    • Options for Staining, Dyeing, or Engraving
    • Accommodates Floor Graphics and Logos

    Commercial Concrete Polishing Experts in Grosse Pointe, Michigan

    Grosse Pointe is a city situated in Wayne County, Michigan, USA. It had a population of 5,678. Found in the eastern suburbs of Metro Detroit along Lake St. Clair, Grosse Pointe is positioned along East Jefferson Avenue and has a small northwestern border shared with Detroit. It is one of the five cities within the Grosse Pointe area. Originally established as a village in 1880, it later gained city status in 1934.

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    Our service area in Grosse Pointe,

    Michigan, encompasses Grosse Pointe Farms(MI), Roseville(MI), Fraser(MI), Harper Woods(MI), Detroit (MI), Eastpointe (MI), Madison Heights(MI),  Toledo (OH), Akron (OH) and nearby areas.

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    Choosing a matte, medium, or high gloss finish will result in a striking and attractive look for your floor. Save your time and money by choosing the right company for your flooring project. Rely on the expertise of a top-ranked commercial concrete polishing company in Grosse Pointe, MI, today. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with our work. Contact us at (734) 822-9595 or click here for a free quote, and let’s transform your space!

    Absolutely! Commercial concrete polishing offers customization options. The floor can be stained or dyed in many colors to match your brand's color scheme and overall design style.

    No, the concrete polishing process doesn't require the use of harmful chemicals. It's an eco-friendly and sustainable flooring solution that relies on mechanical grinding and polishing techniques to achieve the desired results.

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